Zest Productions
is ba
sed in the Snowy Mountains region of Australia and is focused on the fields of Business Development, Events, Promotions, Marketing and Media.

MEDIA includes professional journalism, photography, video & TV production, television presenting, placement/distribution, public relations and communications.

EVENTS includes concept, management, sponsorship and marketing.

PROMOTIONS includes concept, implementation, and marketing.

MARKETING includes concept, planning, preparation, management, distribution and placement.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT includes total overview and implementation of a concept right through to end product.

Examples of clients:

  • Novotel Lake Crackenback Resort
  • SkiMax Qantas
  • Red Bull Australasia
  • Kellogg's Australia
  • Perisher Blue Pty Ltd
  • Emap Publishing Australia
  • Kosciuszko Alpine Guided Walks

Client Testimonials

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